Learning Projects

ACES in action.

ACES has spearheaded a number of projects to provide insights into monitoring, evaluation, and learning for community based natural resource management. Below are the Learning Projects for 2018-19.


Viral Locally Managed Marine Areas in the Pacific

Project Lead: Dr. Mike Mascia (CI), mmascia@conservation.org

What are the rates and patterns of LMMA adoption in the Pacific?

Photo credit: © naturepl.com / Doc White / WWF


Impacts of community marine conservation in Indonesia

Project Lead: Dr. Gabby Ahmadia (WWF-US)

What are the social and ecological outcomes of community-based marine conservation?

Photo credit: © Jikkie Jonkman / WWF


Community forests in Latin America, Africa, and Asia

Project Lead: Dr. David Wilke (WCS), dwilkie@wcs.org

What are the social and ecological outcomes of community forestry?

Photo credit: © James Morgan / WWF-US