© WWF / Simon Rawles

© WWF / Simon Rawles

What we do

Discovering what works and why.

The Alliance for Conservation Evidence and Sustainability (ACES) is an NGO-led collaboration focused on generating, synthesizing, and using evidence for community-based conservation. 

Our mission is to catalyze an evidence-based revolution in community-based conservation by collaboratively transforming monitoring, evaluation, and learning practices in the conservation sector. 

We are leveraging existing investments and bringing our ideas to the forefront of the conservation sector. So far, we have developed a shared conceptual approach, identified key learning questions, and developed a collaborative indicator framework. 

Over the next two years, we have two main goals. First, we will build the evidence base through learning projects on community-based marine conservation in Indonesia, community forests in Latin America and Asia, and locally-managed marine areas in the Pacific. You can read more about these learning projects here. Second, we will explore new and emerging practices for integrating evidence into the design and implementation of initiatives at multiple scales.

By convening diverse actors around evidence, knowledge, and decision-making for community-based conservation, ACES will leverage existing partnerships to grow a collaborative committed to evidence-based decision making for community-based conservation..